How can speaker stands improve your sound?


This page lets you know about Ardán Audio product reviews, customer feedback and general feedback. We appreciate all the feedback we receive from our customers and prospective customers, and emails from interested people all around the world, thank you. Please don’t hesitate to write.

Sound on Sound magazine review, November 2011.

“Unique and highly engineered… precision adjustment of pan and tilt… excellent vibration-isolation performance… immaculate construction both in design and build.”

“Dear Ardán,

I’m really impressed with your stands – they’ve exceeded my expectations in regard to fit, finish and adjustability, and they’ve become a serious tool for the development of my audio products. The Ardán’s are priced very reasonably and I’m still wondering how you managed to bring such an adjustable product to market at the price. Way to go!

Eric Hider, dB Audio Labs, Akron, Ohio – see

“The stands have arrived safely and have been installed. I have now had a weekend of extensive listening and they are superb. I would not have believed the difference.” (Scotland)

“The engineering is superb – your care and attention to detail is amazing. Monitoring levels have indeed come down and the improved precision of the sound stage has been well worth it. The professional appearance of the stands has noticeably improved studio aesthetics, and I suspect, influences client confidence too. I want to thank you for your advice and technical support during purchasing, and wish you every success in the future.”

“Michael Kneebone, owner of Toolbox, Amsterdam based composition and sound design service for film and television – see

6Moons Product Review

“Now comes Ardán Audio to handle vital tweeter directivity and very comprehensive resonance isolation in one fell and properly executed swoop. What’s Gaelic for shazam?”

“I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your speaker stands. They decouple wonderfully and having all the adjustments measurable is amazing…. great work! Several engineers have absolutely fallen in love with them……I’m blown away with them.”

David Percefull . Producer . engineer . owner – Yellow Dog Studios, Austin Texas – see

“The Ardán Elevation Pro monitor stands have taken our studio a step ahead both in terms of aesthetics and acoustics. The stands are a conversation piece amongst visitors to our studio and they have delivered on their promise: to give us greater control over the sound of our editing space.”

Jason Bermingham and Simone Kliass – Professional voiceover artists based in São Paulo, Brazil – see and

Tír Na HiFi Irish Audiophile Review

“Knowing the adjustability of the stands, I set about spending some time adjusting tilt and pan. Now this brought about fairly large improvements. The soundstage opened up… no doubt due to much better alignment of the drivers with my ears … (I was) left in no doubt about the sonic benefits of using the EVP-M1 stands. They are certainly well made… never before has it been possible to adjust your speakers in this way. It really is an eye-opener that taking this level of care with position and directivity can give such an improvement.”

Francis Morrin, Audiophile Product Review – see

“The Ardan stands’ ability to fine tune every angle takes speaker phasing out of the audio equation. The idea? Genius. The result? Priceless.”

Adam Odor – Producer, Engineer. Kyle, Texas – see for credit list

“I immediately heard a difference. The low frequencies (say, below 100Hz), were more focused and defined… in fact, the soundstage across the board felt better and more accurate. More definition & clarity. The build quality is indeed top notch…. what’s not to love about these stands?”

Jon Craig, Chief Engineer, Of Sound Mind Music, and Nashville, Tennessee.

“My engineers really love the flexibility in positioning our near field monitors with EVP-M1 Stands. They can dial in the sweet spot like never before.”

David Crafa, The Cutting Room, New York – see

“The stereo image is substantially improved…the decoupling is amazing… tighter and more accurate bottom end. These are the first speaker stands I’ve seen in 22 years in audio post production that actually work and look great.”

Tony Gort – Sound Designer / Re-Recording Engineer – Vancouver, Canada – see

“I set up the Ardán stands with my system at home. The difference is, quite frankly, amazing. It’s brought a clarity to the bass I’ve never encountered before, with a much clearer, cleaner and defined sound. I tried several speaker and amp combinations and the stands made a noticeable difference – clean, rich, defined sound.”

Jonathan Hill, Audiophile, Dublin, Ireland

“Hey Brent

Thought I’d send you an email to let you know I’m really happy with the EVP-M1 stands – they certainly do the trick with the Adam S3X-H monitors. They’ve achieved what no other speaker stand or iso pad currently available here in Aus is able to do, in not only de-coupling the speakers from my workstation but also being able to accurately direct the sound to my preferred mix position. They are very well designed and so easy to set up.”

Dags – Live and Studio Sound Engineer, Melbourne, Australia – see

 “Your stands are amazing. From a women’s point of view, they look fabulous and truly have the WOW factor. I especially love the clean, crisp lines that complement my modern sensibilities. I’m impressed with the construction and materials from a design point of view, and more importantly, from a consumer’s perspective you’ve covered all the bases. I sold million dollar year-round advertising schedules to high-end fashion advertisers for a major national newspaper for 30+ years. The stellar demographics are a highly desirable, elite, affluent, educated audience of consumers in key markets that purchase high-end goods. Trust me, your products are sorely needed in this marketplace.”

Benilda Rosario, New York

“Hello Mr Smith,

Thank you for your stands. I can now give you my review:

Music listened to is uncompressed wav files in the computer’s hard disk. The track is moved from hard disk to RAM before playing; so less computer noise.

(With your stands:)

1.   Bass from low to middle to high ie 20 Hz to 320 Hz improved tremendously. I can clearly hear the air inside the cello in classical music, the double bass in jazz sounds tighter and more defined. For the very low bass in Angel [by Massive Attack] the synthesizer’s low bass can be heard not as a muddy cacophony of noise but defined as a series of individual notes that go deeper and deeper.

2.   (Before), when my speakers were on tip toes, the soundstage width and height remained the same. (Now, there is a) deeper soundstage to my surprise as I can hear the different layers of instruments in classical recordings.

3.   There is more separation of instruments. In a jazz track, saxophone, drums and double bass are heard in their separate places in the soundstage. Harder to hear this in classical music as there are 100 instruments but this is also due to the fact that the system is not that revealing and room acoustics play a part too.

4.   More air as in I can hear the air inside the cello and the saxophone sounds more natural i.e. I can hear the air from the mouth of the saxophone.

5.   Overall instruments and male vocals [in a hurry and did not try a female vocal] were better defined instead of appearing as diffuse blobs in the soundstage

I am more than satisfied and even happy with the Ardan Elevation Pro  EVP-M1 speaker stands.


David Lye Hoeng Chew (Singapore)

 “What can I say Brent?

Website and ordering 10/10
Delivery time 10/10
Packaging 10/10
Build Quality 10/10
Audio Jewellery factor 10/10
Value for money, well they aren’t cheap but 10/10
Thank you.”

Peter Davey, Farnham Common, Buckinghamshire, UK