How can speaker stands improve your sound?


Ardán Audio Limited (hereinafter ‘Ardán’) is incorporated in Ireland as a limited company, focusing on the design, manufacture and sale of Audio Elevation Enhancement products to the professional, studio, home recording, home cinema, audiophile, PC, gaming and video entertainment markets.

Ardán (pronounced Ar-dawn – Gaelic for ‘platform’, ‘high place’ or ‘stage’), launched its first product range in January 2011, the Elevation Pro™ Series Speaker Stands, for small and mid-range audio speakers, designed for elevating the quality of speakers in the home and recording studio, PC, gaming, audiophile and home entertainment markets.

The Company

Ardán was founded by Brent Finlayson Smith.

“The first products we wanted to create are the result of needing a standard for speaker audio isolation that also accommodated pan and tilt, looking for something that would fit the bill and not finding anything available. We needed to overcome many design obstacles to accommodate the great variability in speaker design, so that our products could be used across a great range of speakers for true comparability in real environments, not necessarily just in a lab.”

“Since mechanical vibration and surface coloration have a significant effect on the sonic performance heard out front, our starting point is the desire to enhance and elevate a user’s existing speaker investment in their own environment, so that they truly hear the underlying quality that is already there but not being fully exploited. We set out to create the best speaker stands in the world that would also be welcome in any space, including the home.”

“We are technologists who love audio and understand the need for a purist approach to audio as well as a budget conscious approach in these times. Our Elevation Pro™ range achieves the level of audio purism we aimed for, whereas our Elevation™ range coming soon retains the quality of a standard reference, but at a budget price with the selection of different production materials and construction.”

“In the audio industry, innovation is key and an attitude of constant listening and learning, together with a level of humility, are always wise. That said, we are proud of our products. We have another four product ranges and 21 products in other entirely different areas of audio enhancement already in the concept and design stage, and the company will remain resolutely focused on elevating audio quality. We do not design speakers and never will; there are already many superb speakers available in the market.”

“Ardán welcomes all comments to make our products even better. We believe they are the best currently available and elegantly fill a massive hole in the market so that you will instantly hear the difference, whether your need is in pro audio, a home recording artist, a gamer, audiophile, or a home entertainment or computer user who just wants to achieve the best that’s possible from your speakers and audio experience.”

“We are building a company of excellence. Our reputation is vested in well designed, well-engineered and functional products and established by the utility of our products and the maintenance of goodwill and service to our customers.”

Our point is, the only thing that matters is to do something well. If this is the only product range – in several forms – we ever design and sell, so long as we are successful and maintain our reputation for excellence, we would be delighted to build a first-class reputation and be known simply for these products – as the Audio Elevation Enhancement specialists.